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Latina Love Potions

6 Potions To Bring Love!

We consulted books, brujas, and even our own abuelas for the DIY spells that promise to bring the love!

Sweeten Them Up
My friends abuela swears by this trick to bewitch someone. Cut the top off an apple, dig out the apple pulp, write his/her name on brown paper and then on another piece of brown paper write your name; the slips of paper should be facing each other
Fill apple with honey and rum, this is to sweeten and intoxicate the object of your affection. Put apple top back on then drizzle apple with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Put apple on plate and place somewhere elevated like the top of the fridge. Leave until it gets old and redo if necessary.

Attractive Affirmations
In her book The Little Big Book of White Spells, santera Ileana Abrev recommends a daily mantra to up your irresistability.
“Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and say over and over again as many times as you can in a rhyme: “I am beautiful and attractive to me. I will be thus to all who look and see.”

Protect Your Love
If you feel someone is trying to steal your partner, Abrev recommends this “Stop in the name of love” ritual:

Write the name of your loved on on a large piece of paper. Drop a teaspoon of witch hazel and sprinkle a teaspoon of raw brown sugar on top of the name. Gather the edges of paper to make  a little package and tie with a red ribbon, then place under the side of the bed where your loved one sleeps. This makes it difficult for anyone to take what’s yours, and keeps your loved one safe at home and in your bed.

Tempting Crystals

Rose quartz is the crystal associated with romantic love, healing love, and self-love. It opens the heart chakra and clears old energy, says acupuncturist and healer Margarita Alcantra. Alcantra recommends first cleaning your stone by waving white sage underneath. You can also wash in salt water and lay out over night on a windowsill to get infused with the moons energy or you can bury in the earth to absorb the earths energy. Next infuse the stone with your intention like “ I am ready for my true love partner” or “ I love myself exactly as I am.” You can then either wear the crystal in a pendant around your neck or sleep with it underneath your pillow.

Diosa Love Bath
The best love is self-love, so If you’re feeling blue or want to reconnect with yourself, try this “Diosa (goddess) love bath” from therapist and healer, Christine Gutierrez (aka @CosmicChristine). Draw a warm bath and add, lavender Epsom salt,
pink or red rose petals (to invoke love), a few drops of organic lavender oil, few drops of organic honey (for sweetness and joy)
Light a candle (white or pink).  Enjoy the water, breathe in the scents, and give gratitude to yourself: your body, your spirit, your strength. This allows self-love to enhance and this also allows you to be a love magnet. As you feel more self-love within, it expands outward and others feel it as well.

Heal a Broken Heart

Curanderas call this ritual a “heart limpia” as it “sweeps” out sad, stuck feelings and helps you move on from a past relationship. Get a red or white long-stemmed rose—red for a romantic hurt, white for for friends and family.  Using your right hand, hold the rose at the center of your chest. Then sweep it up and around toward your shoulder and down your left arm. Do this sweeping motion 10 times reciting a mantra of your choice, for example: “I am healed from this pain. I am free from this relationship.””

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