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“It’s all about working with what you have, then workin’ it!”

Mujer on the move: Melina Garcia
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Howdy everyone!

I’ve had such an amazing week. I’ve been surrounded by big wins and successes of people and organizations that I love and admire. It’s been so inspiring and heart opening!

On Wednesday night, I attended an awards ceremony for COSMO FOR LATINAS. Pop stars like Demi Lovato and Thalia were recognized as well as a bevy of bad-ass mujeres from entrepreneurs to chefs and immigration activists who were all making a difference in their communities. But far and away my favorite recipient was a “Reader Favorite” who I coincidentally knew!

My friend Melina Garciais the founder of the UNION CITY MUSIC PROJECT—a non-profit organization that uses music to help inspire kids break the cycle of poverty and failure.
Melína came up with the idea when she moved to Union City, NJ with her baby daughter and hubby.  A low-income urban area, she quickly became worried about the rampant violence, drug use, and teen pregnancy prevalent in her area. She told her husband they would have to move. “I saw myself pointing fingers and complaining. ‘Look at that girl, she’s 15 and pregnant! Look at that boy, he’s in a gang! But then I said look at me. What am I doing besides complaining?’”

She made a decision right there to start a music program based because music and art had been so pivotal to her success in life. She started with no budget or means, but she began. In two years, the program has now has over 70 kids enrolled and has expanded to Queens and the Bronx.

The takeaway: When Melina won her award , she said “I’m just a normal girl who chose to do differently.” She COMMITTED and she took ACTION.

Where can you make a difference today, starting where you are, doing what you can?Let me know in the comments section below.

Have an amazing weekend. Remember, you got this! I love you.

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