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Appreciation Made-Easy

At the beginning of the year I, like most, wrote out my a bunch of goals for the new year. But, I’m not always present to the progress or of the goals I’ve set out. Here are some fun ways to be mindful of our accomplishments & give ourself encouragement without it adding to our to-do lists!

Friendly Mail

Buddy systems are awesome! Not only to call if you need some support or to vent. But to receive little surprises. Partner up with a friend to send each other self-written letters at unknown times. Exchange self-written letters (with address & stamp), so that you can mail your friend’s and vice versa. The letters can be a proud moment you had or thoughts on a future endeavor or simply an inspirational quote. Whatever uplifts you! The point is that when you receive the letter it makes you reflect on your growth and to give you a little confidence boost. And bonus, you get to share and bond with your friends!

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Take Your Pick

There are so many great and different types of journals out there. From 5 year to daily gratitude journals, but sometimes it’s just another thing to do and can feel like a burden some days. Why not try to keep a Happiness Jar with a pen and post-it nearby, so when you feel inspired to, write down your accomplishments and things that you appreciate. It can be the occasional addition to your morning practice, a thought that came to you while you were watching tv, or while brushing your teeth! The Happiness Jar is not to put pressure on yourself, but to add from an inspired place. Every three month or at the end of the year pick out the folded notes and reflect on how much you have done. Be proud!

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Oh The Places We Will Go

I’m sure everyone’s list has some type of adventure on it. The map is a fun way to track our travels & reflect the life experiences we’ve had. Plus it makes a great wall piece that we can see everyday.

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