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Being Instead of Doing

Most New Years Eve have found me drinking wine and making vision boards and resolutions for the new year. But, while visioning and goal setting IS important and worthy, I know firsthand that nothing will manifest if you are not in the right frame of mind. So, instead of strategizing this year on what I want to DO, I am instead focusing on how I want to FEEL. Which is calm, connected, and centered.

Calm does not mean sitting in my house meditating all day. Calm gets shit done. But in a focused, thoughtful, purposeful way. Effective without crazed. Moving forward without mania.

Connected means checking in everyday to my physical, spiritual, and emotional state. “Am I hungry?” “Am I sad?” Taking the time to tune into where I am is like reading my own compass. It’s gonna tell me where to go, what I need, and what (or what not) to take in or on. And only when I’m connected with myself, can I connect really with others.

Centered is actually two things. The first is balanced, so I have a good, healthy combo or work and play, family and friends. movement and stillness. The other kind of centering is working from my source, my knowing, from spirit. So I am radiating out, instead of just taking it all in.

How do you wanna feel in 2017? LMK over in the comments section below!! Have a gorgeous weekend! As always, #YouGotThis!

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