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Bridal Beauty Tricks For Your Big Day

Among the long list of things you’re prepping for for the big day, don’t forget to pay attention to your beauty routine. Certain mistakes could cause one of those fearful “ut-oh” moments, or even a reel of ruined pictures because of something like a pesky breakout (we know photoshopping can fix that, but why not avoid it altogether!) We’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, and beauty essentials to have with you on your wedding day so you can look and feel your best!:

1. Blemish Buster

Keep a specially formulated blemish cream with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on hand in case a breakout occurs. Stress often leads to breakouts, and with all of the nerves and stress of planning a wedding, it’s good to have a tube on hand to keep any unwanted breakouts at bay.

2. Polish to the Rescue

Clear nail polish is an absolute staple to have on hand, not just for your wedding day but for life in general! Clear polish will stop stocking runs, help avert a manicure chip, and even serve as a quick-fix for a loose button.

3. Tear-proof It

It’s inevitable. Weddings cause lots of happy tears, so it’s best to keep your makeup waterproof. This goes for mascara, eyeliner, and even foundation (if you’d prefer) like MAC’s Face and Body Water-resistant Foundation.

4. Stick to What You Know

If you’re thinking of getting a chemical peel or some fancy facial before your wedding day—think again. As luxurious and exciting and this may sound, you never know what type of skin reaction you’ll have to the treatment, so it’s best to avoid it.

5. Shine On

Actually, in the case of your wedding, having your face be shiny is that last thing you want. Make sure to have some blotting papers handy so you can soak up any excess oil. Wearing a translucent powder over your face to set the makeup is a good preliminary trick, but constantly buffing powder over an oily face will cause build-up and caking. Ick!

6. Be Sun-Smart

Having a bronzey-glow is definitely a desirable trait for brides-to-be, but be careful of sun exposure leading up to the big day. You could end up with a nasty burn, not to mention sun damage to boot. If you do want a bit of a tan on your big day, instead opt for a spray tan a few days before so that any excess product will have rinsed off and won’t get all over your gown.

7. Leave the Lip Gloss

Gloss can appear a bit too shiny in pictures and leave an unwanted glare, so instead opt for a pretty matte lip color instead.


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