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Chocolate Coconut Steel Cut Oats

Ready for some hot cereal done right? This recipe is no Goldielock ho-hum porridge: the steel cut oats and choco-coconut topping elevate this morning cereal to a granola bar treat. Steel cut oats have more nutrients and are healthier for your body than quick or rolled oats. But they can be WAY more time consuming. Who has the extra 40 minutes in the morning to boil some water then let a quarter cup of oats simmer to perfection? Um, mostly no one! I’ve found a way to eat our oats and have them too: undercook ’em. That’s right… They are still insanely delicious and satisfy both a hot cereal craving and a time crunch.


1/4 cup steel cut Oats
1/2 cup water
Pinch of salt
chocolate chips, flaked coconut, maple syrup and banana for topping

The entire cook time for this is about six minutes. Boil the water: such a small amount takes less than a minute. Add oats and lower heat to low, it should be simmering from the get go. PoP_Steel Cut SimmeringAnd the salt and stir periodically for about 5 minutes. Oats will puff up and get a little thicker, but will be less porridgy and have a bit more of a bite to them. PoP_Steel Cut2Top with maple syrup, sliced banana, chocolate chips and coconut.

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