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Choosing The Sexisest Scent For YOU!

sexy scents

sexy scents

Hi everyone! Today, I’m talking fragrance. Watch the video HERE!

There is no better way to change up your beauty routine than with a gorgeous new scent. But before you hit up the beauty counter, here are some quick tips to make the most of your shopping trip!

DO consider when and where you’d wear the scent when buying.
“Evening-appropriate scents often exude a warmer, sexier impression, while fragrances that have refreshing citrus are considered more daytime. For a scent that’s right for any time of day, turn to fresh, floral, or fruity fragrance types.

DON’T sniff those café beans!
“Coffee beans are not the best olfactive palette cleanser. Instead to temper your nose between trying on scents, smell your own skin like in the crook of your arm. Your skin’s natural PH will neutralize odors.”

DO spray perfume in your hair.
Hair is a great keeper of scent—which we know after being in a smoky club—
so add a spritz or two to your ‘do to make your perfume last longer.

DON’T rubbing your wrists together after spraying your perfume.
This doesn’t allow the scent to blossom.. Instead she recommends applying on all your pulse points including the back of your legs. “This will create a fragrance ‘trail’ when you walk past someone.”

DO test drive the scent on your skin.
Apply a fragrance and then smell it at three different times.“Immediately following the initial spray, 20-30 minutes later as it opens, and a few hours later so you can experience the dry down notes.”

DON’T apply perfume to dry skin.
“To make your fragrance last longer, make sure you apply a moisturizer to your skin before applying..”
DO properly store your perfume
Perfume should live in a cool, dry location, and preferably in a place that is away from the light. Fragrances stored in cabinets, drawers or even in the refrigerator can last for many years.

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