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beatrice valenzuela
Start Where You Are Style

Designer Beatrice Valenzuela

Stroll through Beatrice Valenzuela’s IG feed and you’ll have MAJOR #lifegoals. Born in L.A. but raised in Mexico City, the designer’s small but gorgeous collection includes Mediterranean-inspired sandals, scalloped swim suits, ruffled sexy dresses, and bohemian jewelry including metal floral hair crowns and “concha” chandelier earrings.

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“I think living in so many different places definitely affected my aesthetic,” explains Beatrice, the former stylist. “I’ve always loved things that were made with natural fibers. I’m always looking at the craftsmanship, the way things are put together, the way they will last, and if they will age beautifully. I love to be able to see the hand that made the product.”

You can shop the collection on and follow her at

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