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DIY Jewelry holders!
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DIY Gold Oyster Shells

Next time you’re enjoying a dozen oysters, save the shells for this easy DIY.

These beautiful gold oyster shells make the perfect gilded vessel for holding your favorite jewelry. They’re also the ideal size for corralling salt and pepper for an elevated table-scape. If you have larger oyster shells, you can use them to organize knickknacks on your desk or dresser.


By Elizabeth Palmer Califano




  • 1 small paintbrush
  • Gold paint
  • Cleaned oyster shells (run them through the dishwasher if needed)




  1. Make sure your oyster shells are cleaned and dry.
  2. Use your paintbrush to paint a thin coat of gold paint on the inside of each shell.
  3. Allow to dry, and do another thin coat of paint if desired. Allow to dry thoroughly, and you’re good to go!


Note: If you plan on using these shells for salt or food items, be sure to use food-safe paint.

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