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Don’t Let the Sun Come Down On You: Sunscreen For Every Skin Type

It’s high season for bare skin and major UV exposure. Stay cool and calm and lobster-free with the right kind of sunscreen. Here we’re going to show you our favorites and the best types for your skin and age-range. Cause remember, scorching is out and glowing is in!!!

First Thing’s First

Yes, restating the obvious is kind of necessary when speaking of matters with skin cancer potential. Firstly, slap on the sunblock 15-20 minutes before you step outside and start basking in the sun-filled glory–it needs a chance to soak into your skin. Second, extremely high SPFs are really not necessary. Everyone, even super dark skin, needs 15+, with 30+ for very fair and easily burned skin, and 50+ for anyone that is real paranoid. Beware anything above 50, as it’s really more of a marketing gimmick than relevant precaution. Lastly, reapply after about 45 minutes or directly after swimming. Now, let’s get to our fave products!

Everyone’s Everyday Wear

Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Formula

kiss my face

Great For: everyone, kids, sensitive skin, light/active wear

Maren Giuliano of Whole Foods swears by it. It’s SPF 30, chemical and paraben free, and comes in a fast application spray bottle. The light wear and convenience of this sun screen makes it the summer-no-brainier for every skin type.

Getting Your Sweat On

Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproofcoppertone-sport-continuous-spray-breathable-sunscreen-spf-50-ultra-sweatproof-6-fluid-ounce-177-ml-photo-1

Great for: athletes, kids, intense/active wear

If you’re an avid runner, swimmer, volleyball player, or simply an outdoorsy extraordinaire, you need a sun block that can keep up with you. The great thing about Coppertone’s Ultra Sweatproof is that it is water resistant, and as you sweat it won’t drip down into your eyes. If you’re normally in the water go for the cream version, and if you need something a little airier, try the continuous spray.

Naturally Tan & Dark Skin

Australian Gold SPF 15 Spray Gel (With Bronzer)

ausi gold no bronzeraustralian gold_Great For: naturally dark skin, acne prone skin, light/lounging wear

When it comes to naturally tan and dark skin, some people luck in and some people luck out. But no matter your skin’s level of pigmentation, tanning is a result of damaged DNA on the surface of our epidermis. What’s this mean? Even all the lucky little brown butternuts out there still need SPF!!! This amazing product from Australian Gold gives you enough SPF without overdoing it. Best part: gels are great for acne prone skin since they tend to be way less oily. Bacne be gone!

Acne and Oil Free

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

la roche posayshopping

Great For: acne prone skin, oily to dry to combination skin, sensitive skin

How is it that one product can be recommended for oily and dry skin? Well, cause it’s just that freakin’ good, that’s how. If there is one product that you should spend the extra few bucks on, it’s this bad boy. It’s ultra light and sheer while still hydrating, and won’t cause breakouts.

Sensitive Skin & Face

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion

shiseido shopping

Great For: sensitive skin, oily skin, fair skin, medium/active wear

If sunscreen tends to make your skin burn or irritated, this wonder screen from Shiseido is your go-to. Reviewers rave about its matte and non-greasy finish, and liken it to a smooth primer. Plus, it smells really really good.

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