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Do’s & Don’ts For Your Wedding Day

With wedding season upon us, and droves of brides gearing up for their big day, I wanted to share my top pieces of advice from my wedding this past September. As a bride to be, you receive boatloads of advice, both solicited and unsolicited, from all angles and perspectives. Below I’ve condensed the best advice I received before my wedding, and those that helped me the most through my big day. Of course, every bride is different, so take these all with a grain of salt, and above all, listen to your gut and stay true to yourself and what’s most important to you. And enjoy every minute, because soon you’ll be looking back from the other side wondering how so much planning and anticipation all went by in such a flash!


By Elizabeth Palmer Califano

  1. Extend the Moments: I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this advice from everyone who’s ever had a wedding. The day goes by in such rapid motion, and its important to really slow down and savor each piece and moment. And when you first wake up, be sure to pause and revel in that “its my wedding day!” feeling before throwing yourself into the rush of the day.
  2. Don’t take Vitamins: Okay, I made this mistake, so you won’t have to! Your stomach is going to be doing backflips from all the excitement, champagne, and butterflies, so don’t add anything else to the mix. Keep it simple, and be sure to eat something sustaining and comforting to carry you through the prep portion of your day. Avocado toast, oatmeal with berries, or your favorite smoothie are all beauty foods that’ll keep you feeling light and energized. But once the party starts, be sure to let loose and enjoy all that delicious food you so meticulously planned!
  3. Love your Vendors: You’re going to be spending a large portion of your big day with these people, so make sure you enjoy their company! Your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and event staff all feature prominently in your day, and the more fun and easygoing they are, the happier and more relaxed you and your betrothed will be.
  4. Do a First Look: You’ll be so much more relaxed for your ceremony if you see your soon-to-be spouse beforehand. Its also a rare private moment for you two before all the craziness of the reception, and you can get your posed photos out of the way so you can really relax and let loose with everyone after the ceremony.
  5. Look Out During Your Ceremony: The best advice I received as a bride came from a close family friend who’d recently gotten married. She told me to look out at our guests during the ceremony, and just soak up that rare, special moment with all our favorite people. I looked out several times throughout our ceremony, and it really helped me revel in that moment, and see the love that surrounded us.
  6. Pick Your Battles: Pick five main things for your wedding day that are the most important to you, and fight for those five things. Everything else is background, and stressing about each minute detail will drive you crazy, and take the fun out of this special time.
  7. Keep Flat Shoes Handy: Stash a pair of comfy flat shoes, or designate a bridesmaid of family member to have them ready for you after the ceremony. You’ll be ready for them- trust me! I ended up being a barefoot bride for half my reception because my flats weren’t easily accessible.
  8. Designate Someone to Do Your Bidding: Pick one or two bridesmaids to handle any day-of wedding drama so you don’t have to. I was lucky to have some assertive and perceptive bridesmaids who stepped up and set a few things straight so I could relax and enjoy.
  9. Tailor your Dress to a T: You don’t want to fuss and pull on your dress all night, so be sure its tailored to perfection, and pairs seamlessly and comfortably with all your underpinnings. Also, if you have a bustle, practice pinning it up in advance with whoever will help you after the ceremony.
  10. Lay on the Heavy Duty Antiperspirant: This one might seem TMI, but it’s a necessity. I’m usually a natural deodorant girl, but the day of my wedding, my bridesmaids and I all did a full body coat of spray antiperspirant. It worked like a charm, and we all felt fresh and lovely. Even if your wedding day is cool and mild, your nerves and all the bustle will have you sweating like never before.



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