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Eco-Conscious Travelling

Give our planet the gift it deserves: be an eco-conscious traveler. These tips are so useful and important, especially during the holiday season!

I know that driving is an easy and necessary way of transport, especially if you work far from your home, have children, or don’t live near reliable public transportation. But, if you can, breaking your drive-everywhere habit will save you on gas and is more do-able than you think. It’s really about changing your mindset as much as about changing habits…

Did you know? By driving two less days per week, the average person can save about 143 gallons of gasoline and keep about 2,778 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere in a year (From:

Get Bussed. One busload of people can equal 40 cars off the road. Most cities in America have an efficient public transportation system–try and pledge to take the bus to work just one day a week. Who knows, maybe you finally get a chance to finish that book or better yet, sit next to a hot eco-conscious dude. Going to granny’s for Christmas? Many commuter buses are speedier than you think, and way more affordable too.

Travel by Train. Rail travel emits about half the carbon dioxide per person per mile as a car or a plane and is a great way to see the country. You might even be inspired to write a cheesy mystery novel.

Four wheels bad, two wheels good. We ride bikes almost less than anyone else in the world, and we use the most gas. Coincidence, I think not. Seventy-five percent of personal errands are within five miles of your home, so grab your bike, avoid traffic, and stay fit.

Take a walk. Walking a mile is projected to add 20 minutes to your life, and burns around a 100 calories. So, put away your keys and pull out your kicks.

Share a ride. Carpooling isn’t a novel idea, but it is still an effective way to lower pollution, and a smart way to save dough. A commuter with a 60-mile daily commute saves $1,125 annually in a two-person carpool, according to Plus, who doesn’t love to zip by the other cars when driving in the carpool lane?

 Drive smart. With the price of gas so inflated, buying a Hybrid or PZEV car, is as good for your wallet as it is for the environment. Hybrid’s have gasoline engines and electric motors, a combo which greatly reduces emissions and saves gas. And while hybrids can still be relatively expensive, the federal government, and many states, are offering tax credits for owners. If Hybrid’s are simply out of your price range, consider a PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles) which is a fuel-efficient vehicle that meets the same emissions standards as the best hybrids, and is much more affordable.

Offset your emissions. The next time you board an airplane, you can neutralize the impact of emissions from your flight by contributing to a project that’s helping decrease carbon emissions somewhere else in the world. So whether you give $10 or $50, you can fly easy knowing that somewhere a tree is being planted or your dinero is helping build a solar-energy windmill. Check out before the next time you fly.

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