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Getta Get Away: Why Woodstock

It’s time for the perfect fall getaway! If you’re on the East Coast, take some time before there’s a cold snap, and do a little relaxation in the most tranquil of places: Woodstock. Woodstock, New York that is, gem of the Catskills.

Even though it never happened there, 1969 made it famous, and the arts, music, and lush landscape are what have kept the woodsy place New-Yorker-friendly and hipster accessible.

Feels Like Home

No matter which B&B or quaint hotel you choose, Woodstock’s l

odging will sweetly surprise every time. If you want to stay someplace with old school charm, check out Twin Gables. The Gables are a major Woodstock landmark and you’ll never feel more at home.

via Youonlyliveonce

via Youonlyliveonce

For the ultimate in romance, snag this city-centered bungalow from Home Away that overlooks a gorgeous rippling waterfall. You’re literally steps to the shopping and coffee that gives Brooklyn a run for its money, and you’ve never felt so tucked into perfection.

via Home Away

via Home Away

The Woodstock Inn on Millstream offers you rural yet chic charm, with small to large private rooms and even cottages, right next to a gorgeous stream! They even offer a lux continental breakfast spread that is harvested as locally as possible—awesome hippies.

via the Woodstock Inn

via the Woodstock Inn

Seeing It and Getting Scene

This weekend, the 17-19 is the Woodstock Film Festival.  Three days of indie films, art, and even Pauly Shore live all weekend.


via Woodstock Film Festival

via Woodstock Film Festival

There’s even a Family Fun Festival and an elegant Harvest Moon Ball. Call 845-586-2631 for more details on the event and ticketing.

Later this month, check out yoga Wednesdays at Mountainview Studio, peruse the Woodstock Farm Festival on Maple Lane, discover the tree of life and deeper meanings of the tarot at the Sacred Mountain Center, get your poetry fix from a literary envieling at the Library Forum, and from the 24 -26 you can enjoy continuous music from the alternative guitar show, Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase.


via Bearsville Theatre

And of course this lovely town is perfect for a holiday, or two. Ride a Peanuts themed train to the pumpkin patch, get your freak on Halloween weekend at the Woodstock Playhouse for some Ghoulish Entertainment, and enjoy a night of Pink Floyd at the Bearsville Theatre.

For the ultimate resource in Woodstock’s annual happenings during any month, refer to their complete community guide.

via Catskill Mountaineer

via Catskill Mountaineer

The real reasons for a fall jaunt in Woodstock is to enjoy the outdoors one last time. There are endless hikes and national parks to explore, from mighty Overlook Mountain to the pleasant Mount Tremper. And if you need another picturesque town to check out, there’s more fun, cuteness, and hiking at the nearby small town, Phoneicia.

feature image via the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream

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