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Glammed up Easter Décor

We can all appreciate the googly-eyed construction paper concoctions from Easters past. But who says the egg and bunny season has to be celebrated with paper cut-outs and green plastic grass? No more kiddie tchotchkes!  We need some Easter decorations for adults! So here you have it: a great idea for some simple yet swoon-worthy Easter decoration.

Posted by Noelle Timmons

grown up easter eggs!

grown up easter eggs!

Golden Speckled Eggs

Who laid the golden eggs? You can, and easily too. Create a stunning table centerpiece or vase display with pretty gold leafed eggs. They are clean and chic looking, with just enough sparkle and shine. And this whole ordeal is really not time consuming. With all your materials in place, this crafty DIY will take you only an hour.

You’ll Need:

Blown Eggs (you’ll need an Awl and a large bowl)
Metallic Gold Leafing Squares (imitation is cheapest!)
Size (glue made for leafing)
Foam brush or soft bristle brush
Masking tape (to blot up remnants)
washed and dried eggs

washed and dried eggs

How to

First you need to blow the eggs. Yes, you heard me. It’s easy though: take the washed egg over the bowl and pierce holes in either end with your awl, then scramble up the yolk with the awl inside.

awl to pierce and scramble

awl to pierce and scramble

The whole yolk can’t fit through a little hole, so mixing it well will help it out easier. Wipe any yolk or egg white from one of the ends, take a big breath, and blow. You may have to blow once or twice until it all comes out. Rinse, let dry, and perfecto: empty egg!

gold squares and sizing glue

gold squares and sizing glue


Create a working space with crumpled up newsprint, paper, or plastic bags so the eggs don’t roll around. Do several at once since you’ll leaf one side and then have to wait for it to dry until you can do the other.

brushin' on the size

brushin’ on the size

Use your brush to apply a thin but random layer over one side of the egg. Swirl and dab so there are some areas without size, in order to create a marbled effect. Apply to several more eggs and allow the size to slightly cure.

size one side of each egg

one side sized!

Tear a leaf square in quarters, and from the center, dot one of the quarters onto the surface of the egg.

tear your square

tear your square

Gently spread the square from the center out. Do the same with the rest of your eggs. Once applied, burnish the square onto the egg by moving your hand over it in circular motions. The leaf without sizing will fall off and you’ll get a pretty and organic dappled effect.

post burnished eggies

post burnished eggies

And, viola! Your savvy craftiness has now earned you a gorgeous little trough of golden Easter eggs.PoP_Eggs9

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