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how to line your lingerie drawer
Start Where You Are Style

Gussy Up Your Lingerie Drawer

I wrote a post last week about how to make your entryway more stylish and people went bonkers, I didn’t realize entryways were so popular! I had a lot of people write-in asking to elaborate on the tip I gave on framing different colors and textures of decorative paper. So ask and ye shall receive! Here are three cool ways to elevate your pad with pretty paper, enjoy!

Project #1: Framed Art
The key is to buy beautiful papers with fun and quirky prints and patterns that are display-worthy.  The frames should be a mix of shapes and sizes, for fun variety.

To do:

1.    Take the backing off the frame.
2.    Lay the frame on my paper to center.
3.    Cut paper to fit – go two-inches wider and longer so you have room to play with.
4.    Place paper in frame using tape to keep it in place.
5.    Display for all to see.

Project #2: Awesome Centerpiece
A pretty paper can be used as a “mat” on tables throughout your home to serve as a lovely base for vases, candles and other trinkets. I have an awesome farm  dining table, but when I adorn with candles and knick knacks they tend to “fade” into the wood.  A brightly patterned paper would add a pop of color and could cleverly tie in my cluster of objects.

To Do:

1.    Choose paper that works for your surface.
2.    Measure paper to surface using one of your regular placemats.
3.    Place object or objects on top.
4.    Voilà! Prepare for the compliments to roll in.

Project #3: Lingerie-Drawer Liner
I don’t know about you, but the inside of the chest of drawers I use for lingerie and clothing is wooden and a little bare. I spend some good money on pretty underthings, it seems a shame to throw them in a rough, depressing drawer.

This is where my killer gift-wrap paper comes in…

To Do:

1.    Measure the inside of your drawer.
2.    Cut paper to fit – go five-inches wider and longer so you have room to play with.
3.    Outline the perimeter of your drawer with double-sided tape.
4.    Lay your paper in drawer, pressing edges onto tape so it adheres.
5.    Smooth out any rough edges.
6.    Place your pretty sexy-time accessories in newly lined drawer.
7.    Watch your love life heat up…

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