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Hand Painted Easter Eggs

We are just LOCO for Easter over here! So we were thrilled when we saw our dear friend Jen McColloch post a pic of her gorgeous hand-painted easter eggs. Jen is the queen of DIY and has the BEST vintage store in BK, too boot: Olive’s Very Vintage!

To get her hand painted eggs, here’s our tutorial for egg blowing:

washed and dried eggs

washed and dried eggs

How to

First you need to blow the eggs. Yes, you heard me. It’s easy though: take the washed egg over the bowl and pierce holes in either end with your awl, then scramble up the yolk with the awl inside.

awl to pierce and scramble

awl to pierce and scramble

The whole yolk can’t fit through a little hole, so mixing it well will help it out easier. Wipe any yolk or egg white from one of the ends, take a big breath, and blow. You may have to blow once or twice until it all comes out. Rinse, let dry, and perfecto: empty egg!

Now you can create a leaf motif two ways. One to to wrap leaves around the eggs, secure with mesh, then dip in dye. (The longer you do the deeper the color.) When you unwrap you will have a white leaf print!


Option to is to dye the egg as a base, then let dry for a few hours. Then go back and hand paint the details.

Looks like Jen chose option #2, and we’re eggstatic over them!

Jen Olives eggs


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