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how to hang an outdoor chandelier
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Hang An Outdoor Chandelier!

One of the highlights of my wedding was the gorgeous crystal chandeliers we hung from the trees!

While, our were temporary, the good folks from Ace Hardware have shared tips on how to hang a chandelier that can last all summer long!

I caught up with the folks at Ace Hardware recently, who showed me how to hang awesome outdoor lighting:

1. Pick a high, sturdy tree limb (at least eight feet high).

2. Run an electric cable from your outlet source to your tree trunk. Carefully bury the wire in an even trench, at least 18″ below the ground. This will ensure that you don’t mow it over with the lawnmower. On the tree end, the outlet should come up out of the ground. Put a weatherproof box over the outlet end as a safety precaution and mount that to the tree.

3. Suspend chandelier from your tree with a large hook on a secure line. Your chandelier should remove easily and quickly in case of inclement weather and for winter storage.

4. Light up and enjoy!

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