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Heal With Self Massage

As the fall hustle and bustle picks up, it’s important for us to take pockets of time to relax and rejuvenate. One little ritual that I love—and makes a big difference—is self massage. Knots in your body can be brought on by stress or physical strain, and working them out and releasing the toxins and anxiety can yield great results in the way you feel.

When it comes to massage, I like to work with Ayurvedic oils. An Indian healing system, Ayurveda combines mind and body wellness for total health.  If you’re new to Ayurveda, you’ll have to first figure out your “dosha” or personality type which you can do on sites Vata-Pitta-Kapha. Once you figured out your dosha, certain oils work best for your type.

Here are oils you can use for the three different doshas:

If you are Vata: Try Sesame Oil or Almond Oil

If you are Pitta: Try Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

If you are Kapha: Try Sunflower Oil or Grapeseed Oil

Doing a self-massage with dosha specific oils is not only relaxing, but detoxing as well!

You’ll need about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of oil. It’s easier if you have a plastic squeeze bottle, but not necessary. And it’s important when possible use organic & cold pressed oils. Massage in circular motion around joints and abdomen. And up and down strokes over limbs. There is no set time for your massage, and feel to stay on areas that you feel need more attention. Your body can speak to you if you listen, and self massage is a great way to connect back with your body so you can pay attention to which parts need some extra love.

Remember, no one can take of you, like you. And once you start paying attention and caring for yourself, you’ll be more equipped and attuned to pay attention and help others. It’s a win-win, so get started and get healing!

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