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Day of the dead altar
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How To Make A Day Of the Dead Altar

Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos” is a Latin holiday ( All Souls or Saints Day)
celebrated in Mexico and other countries on November 1 to remember those who have passed.
And central to any Day of the Dead celebration is the “Ofrenda” or altar, here’s how to make a beautiful one easily.

1. Cleanse the space.
Before setting up your altar it’s paramount you clean the energy of your area so the departed come home to a sacred space. Lighting a sage or a copal incense stick should do the trick.
2. Utilize what you have.
There’s no need to go out and buy an elaborate altar, you can make one simply on a table, bench,  or chair you already have. I often just place my own coffee table in the corner and use it as my altar for a few weeks; clears up a little pathway in case our departed want to pay a visit!
3. Photos
Pictures of those you’re remembering will be the centerpiece of your display. Its totally cool to have several photographs to honor multiple souls who have passed away, and pets are def welcome!
4. Water or liquids
It’s important to give your loved ones a drink after a long journey, so fill a glass of water and set it on your altar. If your spirit friend had a penchant for tequila, that’s totally cool to set out a bottle and a shot glass for your compadre!
5. Food
—”Pan de muerto” is a sweet bread “traditionally decorated with rolled, crossed pieces of dough that resemble bones, in tribute to the honorees of the day, the dearly departed.
—You also want to cook and put out any of your loved ones favorite foods. Bowls of colorful fruit are also very symbolic of abundance and nourishment and look pretty on the table.
6. Flowers
Marigolds are traditional in Mexico and represent life’s bloom and fade. If Marigolds are hard to find, you can try orange carnations or gerber daisies. Really any lively, colorful bouquet will do!
7. Candles
Pillar candles, altar candles, tea candles, all will do. They represent the light to guide our loved ones home, and the eternal light that burns in all of us.
Remember this is  joyous and beautiful celebration, so enjoy with a happy heart!

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