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“It’s all about working with what you have, then workin’ it!”

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Dashing DIY Gift Wrap

Whether your gifts are large or small, make a big impression with wrapping ideas that totally wow!

Here’s how to wrap like a pro. (The secrets? Not too much paper, double-sided tape, and cute accents!)

To Do:

1- Lay paper print-side-down and place your fab gift in middle.

2- Pull up sides of paper, guesstimating where they’ll meet in the middle; cut accordingly.

3- Fold sides over the box, securing seam in center with clear tape. Fold paper over and stick using double-sided tape.

4- On one end of box, flatten paper from both sides against box, creating triangles above and below. Crease triangle edges.

5- Fold top triangle down, then lift bottom triangle over that one and tape in place.

6- Repeat Steps 4 and 5 on other end of box.

7- Wrap ribbon (or twine) lengthwise across front of box, bring to back and twist so ribbon spans box width. Bring to front, knot and tie bow.

8- Give!


Here are some awesome ideas for giftwrapping that totally wow:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Plain butcher paper instantly looks rustic and fab. Cut out recipients names with old mags or even crossword puzzles for smart touch. $34.99,

Doily wrapYou know I’m the queen of working with what you have. Simple paper doilies elevate your present pronto! Holiday doilies, $1.99, Joanne’s

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Upcycle an old sweater into a wine cozy. Cut off sleeves, slip over wine bottle, and tie with a cute bow; cheers!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

If you have loads of old fabric, pull it out and dress up your parcel like the gift she is!

Sticker wrap


Cheeky stickers add playfulness to your present!

Courtesy of Ballard Design

Courtesy of Ballard Design

And if all else fails, bundle your goodies in some fab fabric and you’ll be one styling Santa!









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