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Shine on you crazy diamond.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

I went to visit my family in Texas last week and one morning I was greeted by my 4-year-old nephew who excitedly told me “We’re gonna have some fun today!” I was like “Wow! Well count me in!” He actually didn’t have a plan. He was just genuinely thrilled about all the possibilities that day could bring.

What a cool way to wake up and look at the world. What would our works days be like if we were curious and eager instead of bitter or bored? What would happen to our relationships with our lovers, friends, and family if we were delighted to see them instead of annoyed with their habits or angry with their past actions? What would our towns look like if we paid attention to the architecture and nature instead of just rushing from here to there.

As you guys read this, I’m on a plane to Jackson Hole with my girlfriends for a ladies-only weekend. It’s the first time I’m leaving my 15-month-old daughter, but it’s only for a weekend, and she’s with papa. And you what: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

So my challenge to you today is to have some SERIOUS fun. Flirt with a co-worker. Play in the snow. Buy some crayons on your way home. Fun doesn’t require lots of money or time. It only needs your willingness and attention.

To sweeten the pot, I’m giving away the inspiring print above from Minted. Let me know about your fun adventures in the comments section below and you’ll be automatically entered to win!.

Have a fun-filled weekend! Shine one!


xoxo Robyn

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