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Moving On Up!

Happy Friday everyone!!


AMAZING news! My husband and I bought a house yesterday! We first viewed it last Saturday (less than a week ago) and it was basically love at first sight. We solidified our finances on Monday and Tuesday and by yesterday, we viewed it again and made an offer—which the sellers accepted three hours later.


While there are literally a 1000 posts I could write about this experience, the words action and acceptance keep coming to mind.


—Good things come to those who ACT.

My hubby and I acted pretty swiftly on a house we both loved. When you decide what you want, I really believe the universe conspires to help you. I have a dear friend who’s long-held dream has been to be published in the NY Times. She even wrote an essay to submit to the magazine section, but didn’t pull the trigger. One Sunday a few weeks back she was thumbing through the Times when she declared “That’s it! I’m reaching out.” Via a contact she emailed the assigning editor and as “luck” would have it, an essay had just dropped out so they accepted hers—on the spot. She was published two weeks later.

The definition of luck is “preparedness meets opportunity.” Whatever it is you want: study, prep, plan, and when the iron’s hot: strike!

Accept that good things are meant to happen. After we put in our offer to buy our house around 5pm yesterday, my hubby and I were both giddy and nervous. When his phone pinged around 8:30pm last night, the message read: “They Accept!!!!!!!” We started jumping up and down, and it was especially poignant to receive our great news via the message: “They accept.” When my husband asked me to marry him, he didn’t even get to finish the proposal before I screamed “I accept!” Since, then “I accept” has been an inside joke to us. When we exchanged vows, instead of saying “I do,” we told each other “I accept.” We meant I accept you as you are and I accept this miracle of your love.

In a conversation between Marianne Williamson and Oprah, Marianne explains that God (or the universe) wants us to have everything we’ve ever wished for—it’s already being sent our way. But it’s us that block the miracles. Instead of accepting all the amazing things we deserve, we tend to deflect them with negative thoughts, doubts, anger, and fear. This is the first home I will have ever owned. And honestly I don’t think I was ready before. I was scared about all the responsibility it seemed to entail, and maybe of just “growing up.” But now, it feels so right and natural. I accept the offering of this house, I accept it with all its sweetness and faults, and I accept that I earned it and deserve it. For my family and myself.

What actions can you take today to move you towards a dream? And what goodness in your life can you accept today?

Let me know in the comments section. Have an amazing weekend!

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  • Sylvia July 26, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Congrats on the house! Such wonderful news, given that you were talking about renting. Is that it in the picture? That is an adorable house! Much happiness to your family in your new home!! I know it will always be filled with love. I also loved this post and how you worked “I accept” into your vows. My hubby and I worked “I love you fiercely,” which we say to one another, into our wedding vows. Abrazos!

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