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With warmer weather upon us, spring travelling is inevitable. Heck, even (and especially) when it’s a chilly frozen tundra in the Northeast, we’re still always on the lookout for a good excuse to travel somewhere warm and sunny. As exciting as a new adventure is, the most daunting part is almost always the packing. However, we’ve found some pretty genius tips that will actually make the process less dreadful.

First things first, you’ll need to start collecting plastic grocery bags…now. These are such a godsend for packing, especially for covering up shoes so the dirty soles don’t touch your precious clothes.

Place shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. This way you can place all of the lighter items on top and not worry about smooshing them when you finally zip up the suitcase at the end.

Plan your outfits ahead of time. That’s right–for the whole trip, even if it’s a two week excursion. This way you’re not just throwing things willy-nilly into your suitcase and can ensure you’ll have enough options for the entire trip. One of the best tricks is to pack a few jackets so you can change up another’s day’s jeans and tee with a blazer you’ve worn previously during the trip instead of packing a million jackets. Packing pieces that can be mixed and matched is key.

Put your outfits together. Then, fold them up and place layers of white tissue paper in between to prevent wrinkling and shifting. Be sure to use white tissue paper so that colored paper doesn’t rub off onto your precious white jeans.

Separate each outfit with plastic bags. You can use the plastic bags you’ve been stowing away, or purchase those large gallon Ziploc bags and squeeze all the air our for even more packing room.

Utilize the trial size aisle of your local drugstore. While they might not always be the most economical option (3 oz of a trial size shampoo is usually more expensive than buying a full bottle and squeezing 3ozs into a travel tube), it’s super easy to just purchase a small amount of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, etc., and call it a day. If you’re more thrifty and don’t mind taking the time to re-distribute your existing toiletries, pick up a squeeze bottle travel tube so it’s easier to dispense at the hotel.

Place toiletries in Ziploc bags. We’ve fallen victim to an exploded bottle of conditioner before, so to ensure that doesn’t happen all over your suitcase, zip those babies up tight.

Don’t fill your suitcase up to the brim. Especially if you plan on shopping or bringing back souvenirs–you’ll regret not having that extra space to bring things home in!


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