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You’re Stronger Than You Think

Hi all!

As you all probably know by now, last week I gave birth to my birth to my second daughter, Freja (pronounced Freya, it’s the name of a Norse goddess.) It was a beautiful and ultimately dramatic birth. What made it beautiful for me was that it was all-natural (no drugs) so I was hyper-present to everything from contractions to crowning (Google it.) Trust me, I was screaming like a banshee (I bit my doula) and def thought to myself “Am I fu*king crazy?” but inevitably it was all so worth it.

The drama came because I was scheduled for a repeat C-section the morning Freja was born as she was almost ten days late. But sensing the impending deadline, she graciously decided to join us on her own, and I went into natural labor two hours before I was to go into surgery. Hallelujah! There are so many things I learned through this process that apply to both childbirth and life, but one thing especially comes to mind:


You’re stronger than you think

So many people have reached out saying “I cant believe you didn’t take any drugs!!” Honestly, the labor (though hard) was bearable. It was the PUSHING that sucked. I pushed for an hour and 15 minutes, and by the end, I was sweaty and spent. I couldn’t do it anymore. I cried to my midwife and doctor, “I cant, I cant, I cant do it!” They then told me to reach down, and when I did I felt my daughter’s head. She was literally one push away from being born. I mustered everything I had, took a deep breath, pushed my heart out, and the goddess was born.


In life, you’re gonna get to the point where you wanna give up on your dreams. It just seems too hard. It’s taking too long. You’re really trying, and nothing seems to be working. Trust me: Don’t give up. You’re stronger than you think. Take a breath (and maybe a break) dig deep and then re-double your efforts.  You are more than likely just one push away from success.


Where in your life can you push just a little harder even when you feel like giving up? Let me know in the comments section below!

Have a gorgeous weekend and thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. We got this!


Xox R