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Le Bain Rooftop Lounge New York

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Sight See America, From the Top

It’s that time of the year again, and if it hasn’t already happened to you, road-trippers and jet-setters alike are all starting to tingle with that travel itch. We are officially out of hibernation mode and ready for some new sights and sounds! And what better way to truly embrace those sights, than to take a step back–or a step up, rather–to enjoy the view. Here are eleven destinations with jaw-dropping views, that you need to get to ASAP!

For the City Slicker


Via Antonietta Hanft

The Signature Room Via Antonietta Hanft

Chicago Illinois

The Signature Room at the 95th, in the John Hancock Building. It’s a classic landmark in the Chicago skyline, and at about 1000 feet up in the sky, the SIgnature Room does up quite the classy brunch. Go on a Sunday, get a little gussied up, and make sure you’re hungry. At $45 per head, you’ll get an enormous brunch coupled with insane views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.



The High Roller Ferris Wheel via

Las Vegas Nevada

The High Roller Ferris Wheel. Because seeing Sin City from way up high in a hotel isn’t nearly enough, now you can look out onto the Strip from your own little pod.



Sure, your pod will be safely secured to America’s largest ferris wheel, but looking out onto the neon desert, you’re sure to feel like you’re floating in the clouds–no matter how much you may have already drunk!




Le Bain at the Standard Hotel Via

New York City

Le Bain Rooftop at the Standard hotel. Look out over the Hudson River from the astro-turf ladden patio of the Standard’s sky bar.


Via Gust of a Guest

Le Bain Via Gust of a Guest

Seeing the city from this angle is absolutely epic: not only have the Hudson or Jersey City ever looked so good, but the undulating hills of Manhattan will leave you in an awe-inspired, topsy-turvey stupor. And if the view doesn’t do it enough, the lush cocktails and circular lounges certainly will…


via Ceos for Cities

Perch, Los Angeles via Ceos for Cities

Los Angeles, California

Perch Rooftop Lounge. The folks at Perch say they are an “elevated resting place.” And with 360 degree views of Downtown, there’s no place closer to an L.A. Story type of heaven.


via LA Eat

Perch via LA Eat

Their French cuisine will give you just enough comfort and class, while the buzzing downtown air and bumping pulse of the DJ reminds you that you’re o-so-close to Tinseltown.


Via Popcap

The Space Needle Via Popcap

Seattle Wshington

The Space Needle. Go up to the Observation deck at 520 feet, and stare at the Emerald City from waterfront to mountain range.

Via Catch Carri

SkyCity Restaurant Via Catch Carri

Or, try the flavors of the Pacific Northwest in their SkyCity restaurant. Best part, after you chow down, you get a complimentary ticket up to the observation deck.


For The Day Hiker…


Via Pink Jeep Tours

“The Big Picture” Grand Canyon Via Pink Jeep Tours


The Grand Canyon. It’s a no-brainer. But unfortunately it’s a bucket list item that many of us keep pushing back… This place just doesn’t stop though, and if you’re pining for some really gasp-worthy views, get your derrière up to that Big Picture everyone’s talked about.

Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge via flickr

Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge via flickr

Don’t sell yourself short though, smaller lookouts and hikes offer some of the best angles of Arizona’s gem. The Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge is famed, as is Skeleton Point. Get your hike on!!



Via Gaines Bend

Possum Kingdom Lake Via Gaines Bend

Fort Worth, Texas

Cliff jumping at Possum Kingdom Lake. Talk about some gorgeous views and thrilling jumps.



But adrenaline junkie beware: as one of America’s premiere cliff jumps, this lake has taken the lives of even more seasoned jumpers… Better lay out a towel and enjoy the view from a safe distance!



Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park Via

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Top of the Falls trail at Lower Falls. This famed lookout is known as the No. 1 photographed spot within Yellowstone’s gigantic borders. Rainbows and misty waterfalls abound: it’s almost too picture perfect!



Artist’s Point via

Climb to the top of the trail for the most sought-after view, or step down the canyon to see the falls towering behind you, with a full vista view out beyond the sloping mountains. Also famed as the most-painted landscape view, Artist’s Point will stick in your mind with misty perfection.



Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga TN Via

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Lookout Mountain. Stand at the southernmost point of Georgia’s Cumberland Plateau from 2,392 feet above sea level. You’ll be gazing into the foothills of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.



Rock City via

With the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, you can zip up to “Rock City,” where it’s said you can see seven U.S. states at once. Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama seem to stretch from sea to shining sea…



View from Olana House Via

Hudson Valley, New York

The Olana House. The Hudson Valley is one of the most scenic places and destinations in America–there’s a reason why our fore-fathering American painters flocked (and are still flocking) to this epic landscape. With total purple-mountain-majesty, you can’t even dream this stuff up.


Church’s landscape via

Take a tour of Olana, the famous Persian inspired estate, and soak up the same Hudson Valley that shaped the iconic American grandiose landscape.

via NY Times

View from Olana via NY Times

It’s the former home of American painter Ferderic Edwin Church, who designed the estate around the landscape. He situated the home and views so that every angle embodied that of a beautifully composed painting.



Kalalau Valley Lookout via

Kauai, Hawaii

Kalalau Valley Lookout. It’s one of the most photographed and well recognized valleys in Hawaii–and possibly the most camera-ready too! King Kong and Jurassic Park are just a few of the blockbusters that brought this scenic backdrop to the big screen.


Blockbuster view via

So the view may ring a tad familiar, yet this place could never get old. And at 4,000 feet, your jaw will definitely drop–over, and over, and over again!! If you make it out to the isles where palm trees sway, you have to get to Kalalau Valley!