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Prettify With Plants

Winter is full on and it can be a dreary thing. Dress up your pad, and lift your spirits with plants. Not only can they pretty up your place, but are proven to improve the quality of indoor air.

Here are some plants for all kinds of homes:

—If you have a low-light room buy a bamboo plant, fern or succulent, which can do well in the dark–those sexy sprouts.

—If you travel often or spend weekends at your boyfriend’s house, opt for an aloe or jade plant—they don’t need much H2O.

—If you tend to overwater, buy a spider plant which are hard to kill. Bonus: Spider plants are also effective at eliminating pollutants in your home such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene and xylene.

Some other plants we’re digging!

Bird’s Nest Fern Check for water bi-weekly until you become use to your plant’s watering schedule. Not a heavy feeder, she needs food about once a season, and mist her often.

Parlor Palm For low light, water it regularly but let soil get dry at the top before next watering and mist leaves in warm weather.

Pepperomia Needs bright filtered light. Water the soil when it’s dry to the touch and feed monthly with a liquid fertilizer. Extra perk: stem cuttings of non-ripple leaf types can be rooted in water.

Philodendron Monstera Add some liquid fertilize to the water every few weeks during the growing season and water less in winter.

Dracaena Limelight This one has great color, a bright chartreuse green. Mist often, and let soil dry down 2” before mext watering.

ZZ or Eternity Plant Great plant for first-time plant owners: very low light, and only water it three times a month.

Ficus Robusta, Rubber Plant Beautiful Burgundy! Allow the soil to dry 1” down between waterings, and keep it away from cold drafts.

Spiderplant The houseplant for beginners: and makes tons of babies. Just root ‘em in water then plant for an endless supply of new flora. Let soil dry 1” down between waterings.

Neon Pothos A bright chartreuse green, with leaves that trail down over the sides of the container making it a good hanging plant. Requires minimal watering.

And if all else fails go for a bouquet: Flowers are proven to boost creativity. So buy a bunch for your desk to serve as inspiration as you write your business plan or screenplay.

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