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Kyrzayda Rodriguez
Budget Beauty

Remembering Kyrzayda

Devastated to hear about Kyrzayda Rodriguez passing yesterday. In a sea of fashion bloggers she stood out amongst the crowd with her love, light, humor, grace, and bravery. I first met Kyrzayda writing about her fierce short hairstyle, but I became intrigued by her story. A late bloomer, she didn’t become a full time fashion blogger Til well into her 30s. She was funny and humble and spoke freely and passionately about her faith. She was featured in the last issue I did for @latina and I was blessed to have her twice on my FB show, once before and then after her diagnosis. She talked openly about her hopes and fears and about crying on the bathroom floor when her famous hair started to fall out because of chemo. But she was strong in her faith and always honest about her cancer journey. She told me she was not scared to die, only scared to leave the ppl she loved. I pray for them now. When I asked about any last advice she has for friends and followers , she said this: “Follow your dreams! The Bible says God has given you talent, don’t hide it! Let it blossom and take care of yourself, inside and out. Take the trip! Do what makes you happy. If you can be at peace, nothing in life is scary, even death.” Rest In Peace and Power, beloved @kyrzayda_ thanks for shining your light on us.

Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Kyrzayda Rodriguez

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