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Soul Goals


Look back on your life.
Have there been instances when you desired something and then received it? It was almost as if you
willed it into existence. That’s what happened when I got my dream job at
I’d just earned my degree from the University of Texas and like many new grads, I was at a crossroads. Should I work in
publishing or public relations? Should I stay in Austin or move to San Francisco?
The clouds parted and everything became clear when Isaw an issue of Latina on the newsstand. I’d never seen a glossy
fashion magazine aimed at Latinas. It was a sign. This is where I’d work! It’d allow me to couple my love of style and fashion with
my desire to help my community. There was only one hitch: Latina was based in NYC. I moved to NYC, but it took six months for me to muster up the courage to take another step toward my “soul goal” and apply for a job at Latina . Not knowing any better, I hand delivered my résumé
to the magazine’s office. The universe conspired in my favor because the editor-in-chief hired me on the spot as a fact checker.
(I had no idea what that entailed!) To this day, I still consider it to be one of the best experiences of my life because I
hecho’d my situation. I didn’t wait for permission. I felt an irresistible pull and I went for it.
It’s like that powerful Anaïs Nin quote: “Life shrinks or
expands according to one’s courage.”
It’s easy to act on your gut when you’re young, single, and childfree. As you get older, family, career, and financial obligations make going for it harder. Couple that with the voices in your head—that’s fear masquerading as responsibility—and your dreams can seem downright reckless.
But here’s the thing about soul goals:
They’re deep-rooted desires that are meant
to be grown into fruition. They don’t go away.
Day after day they beg to be blossomed.

And it’s up to you to answer the call.

Have you ever experienced a “Soul Goal?” LMK in the comments section below!!

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