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Wacked, Weird, and Totally Awesome Summer Exercise

It’s summer ladies, and it’s time you had some fun. In the dead of winter, getting in shape was a chore that would hopefully bring you all the way up to sunny skies and slimmer waistlines. Well, it’s here, and you can take advantage of what the season has to offer and keep in shape doin’ it.

Running, surfing, tennis: all valid summer activities. But we’ve found some exciting and strange things going on this summer that you need to try ASAP. After all, stepping out of the box is the first way to mix up your summer routine and create some seriously memorable experiences. Here’s to being healthy, and taking an awesomely unconventional road to get there!

Sudzzed up 5K

5K Foam Fest

5K Foam Fest

What’s summer without foam being sprayed in a public space? Am I right? Instead of the usual night club scene, 5K Foam Fest brings a suddzy experience for runners and fun-havers alike. Get a fanny pack, waterproof camera, and get going!!!

Yoga Fest



Instead of just a yoga retreat, workshop, or run-of-the-mill class, why not a yogi event. Move over Jeniffer Aniston–despite any entertainment buzz, the folks at Wanderlust truly bring together amazing events with music, yoga, foodies, and more. Check it out to find a festival near you: some are day festivals and others are over-nighters. For a complete guide to summer yoga retreats and events, look here.

With the Kids: Marathon Nature Hunt

Prospect Park

Prospect Park

Scavenger hunt like a real scavenger, by sourcing sticks and stones and mother nature galore. It’s free!! Plan a mega hunt by repeating it in timed segments, and the winner of the most rounds or with the least points is the ultimate scavenger.

Do the first round in 20 minutes, the next round in 10, the one after in 5, and so on. Each hunter has to find completely different items than the rounds before, and a judge will review the hunter’s loot at the end of the mega hunt. Add up the minutes in everyone’s rounds as a point a perminute, and every missed item counts as 4 points.

A Saucy Battle

Tomato fights are popping up all over the country. Fashioned after Spain’s ___, and often mixed with aspects of Germany’s Oktober Fest, these all-out fruit slinging festivals get your body working as much as your face smiling. Check out Tomato Battle on the west coast here. Going to be in Spain this August? Go to the real thing !

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